Thee Heavenly Music Association

Thee Heavenly Music Association was formed in Los Angeles, California by Dave Hillis and Helen Storer.  The duo was joined by such famous musicians as Dave Krusen (Pearl Jam, Candlebox) and Kevin Martin and Bardi Martin (Candlebox)

The music can best be described as  chanting  textures, with hazy productions, that add to the translucent, hypnotic layers of infectious melodies and guitars. Recalling artists such as My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus and Mary  Chain,  and Mazzy Star.  

The only album released was the highly acclaimed  "Shaping the Invisible".  It was once noted as a "Shoegazing Hidden Gem".  The single "Disinformation" was not released as part of the album, but remastered and re-released in January, 2019, with a new video to support it.  Both the album and the single can be purchased through this site. 


"Disinformation" - Released January 17,2019.  Produced, Engineered, Mixed by Dave Hillis.  Lyrics and Vocals by Helen Storer.  Direction and Video by Erik Johnson. Video featuring Brynn Shannahan and Kristie Shannahan.


The Single, "Disinformation", may be purchased by clicking the single logo.

To purchase Thee Heavenly Music Assocociation Album, "Shaping the Invisible", click the album logo.